Room to Heal, Room To Dream

We're Expanding

Stepping out of addiction, abuse, and the cycle of poverty takes courage. Learning to live a new life of freedom requires intensive healing and a strong system of long-term support. Our commitment to seeing lives that are fully restored requires a tremendous amount of time, dedication, and money. But what we are doing is working. 

91% of the women who graduate our program never return to a lifestyle of addiction and abuse. Our residents aren’t just healing from the wounds of their past; they are breaking deadly and destructive cycles. Instead of inheriting trauma, pain, and addiction, their children will step into a future that is full of hope. 

This year we are doubling our capacity. Our current building has served us well but is now aged and no longer adequate. We currently have the capacity for 20 women and children at a time, which means that we are faced with a never-ending waiting list. A new and larger facility is critically important so that we can create the opportunity for more women to step into a fully healed and restored life and to better provide for counseling, childcare, and classes. 

We need your support. Through our generous partners, half of our 3.2 million dollar building campaign already has financial commitment. We invite YOU to become a part of the legacy of Powerhouse through giving to our building project. 

Their future depends on it. Your generosity makes it possible for women to step out of destruction into destiny. Together, we will rewrite stories of generational addiction, abuse, and poverty. These children will not have to suffer through their parent’s painful choices, and won’t ever have to live in the same brokenness. 

91% of the women who graduate our program
never return to a lifestyle of addiction and abuse.